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The Soccer Parent

This is an important resource for parents who work together with players and coaches. First of all, it establishes the basis of a working partnership in the best interest of the player and the game generally. We have discussed some possible obstacles to this working relationship so that parents can work hard to prevent these obstacles from impacting on the relationship. In other words, this book prepares parents for taking on the different roles that are required in order for a child to become a happy and successful soccer player. There are important tips about behavior, attitudes and relationships in the book which can act as a reference point in case there are any problems or difficulties.

This book includes easy to follow chapters that cover the following content: The first section describes the process of building a performance partnership. The second focuses on the tripartite efforts of the player, parent and coach. The third section explores some of the reasons why these three parties may fail to work well together. In the fourth section, there is an exploration of the player-centered decision making process. The fifth section highlights some of the questions that parents typically ask. The sixth and last section provides top tips for helping your child achieve success in soccer.