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12 Session Syllabus (Ages 5 - 10)

This training manual is a syllabus for the younger soccer player from the ages of 5 to 10 years. This syllabus concentrates on the core skills and techniques that are used in soccer today, to help them evolve in the long term. Although, there are things like movement off the ball not being included in this syllabus, but these skills will be acquired and will develop over time once the students are schooled about the core topics, such as making angles and getting into spaces off the ball. It also has to be kept in mind that that every team that is taught is different with varying skill level of the players and also due to different coaching styles, so what you would need to do is that make this syllabus adaptable and flexible for every team you teach, either making it more advanced or easier, as suited to them.


  • Session 1 - Dribbling
  • Session 2 - Running with the Ball
  • Session 3 - Turning
  • Session 4 - Defending (In Balance 1v1 or 2v2)
  • Session 5 - Defending (Out of Balance 1v2 and as a Team)
  • Session 6 - Passing (Possession)
  • Session 7 - Passing (Directional)
  • Session 8 - Passing (Movement off the ball / Combinations)
  • Session 9 - Receiving (Floor and Air)
  • Session 10 - Receiving (Floor and Air)
  • Session 11 - Finishing
  • Session 12 - Shooting