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12 Session COVID Training Program (Ages 9 - 10)

This 12 session training cycle is set out in a circuit style training plan and the field/training area is split into 3 stations with a coach on each station.

These activities are designed to last 20mins each with the session being 1 hour total. However, including drinks breaks (between activities), changeover of groups and activity explanation, most will only last 15mins.

In my experience coaches should stay on one station throughout and the groups should rotate. These activities are planned for up to 15 players however most can easily be completed with less.

On the diagrams with only 5 players shown, 3 of these exercises are needed to be set up, or 2 if there are less players.

This cycle works on the four core skills: striking the ball, running with the ball, 1v1s and 1st touch.

Group 1 activities are normally running with the ball based, Group 2 is striking the ball/passing based, and Group 3 is game related with striking the ball finishing exercises. 1v1s and 1st touch are incorporated throughout.

Every drill in this guide is NON-CONTACT